What to expect on your first visit.

Sometimes people getting their first massage, or a treatment from a new massage therapist, feel a little uncomfortable because they don’t know what to expect. Let’s make your visit as relaxing and beneficial as possible by taking the mystery out of it, shall we?

Before your first massage, I will ask you to fill out a health questionnaire form. We will discuss what you are feeling in your body that day, and what you want to accomplish with your massage. Relaxation, less pain, more mobility, and reduced tension are common goals. We will determine whether you prefer a Swedish massage or a Shiatsu treatment. If you prefer Shiatsu, you can leave your street clothes on and lie down on top of the sheet. If you prefer Swedish, you will undress to the level of your comfort and get under the sheet and blanket on the table. I will leave the room to give you privacy.

During the massage, I will check in a few times to ensure I am using a comfortable amount of pressure, and to make sure you are not too warm or cool. You will always be modestly draped.

Some people prefer to chat a bit during their massage but many people find that they relax more if they are quiet. If you are interested, I will tell you, in a non-judgmental way, what I sense in terms of tension and holding patterns. I will not make any comments about your body. If the massage happens to move emotional energy for you, I will be a compassionate witness, honor your process and continue to hold a safe space for you.

After the massage, I will leave the room while you have a few minutes to rest and get dressed. You will be offered water and we will have a few minutes afterwards to discuss how you’re feeling and if you have any questions.

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