Shiatsu at Mindful Touch.

Shiatsu means “finger pressure.” It comes from an ancient tradition of Japanese bodywork that was originally practiced by family members in the home, and has been passed down from generation to generation.

Instead of using the Western anatomical perspective of muscles and ligaments, shiatsu addresses the flow of energy throughout the body by gently applying pressure to specific areas. This harmonizes and balances all of your body’s systems in a holistic way, and allows you to maintain your natural state of health. Shiatsu brings relaxation, relief from pain and a sense of well being.

The style of Shiatsu that I use is very gentle, and I always work within your level of comfort. I find that the lightest pressure can be very effective, even for bodies that are so tender they can hardly stand to be touched. I use fingers, forearms and elbows to hold pressure on one or two places on your body at a time. The body responds to this treatment by letting go of tension and pain. It can also be invigorating and rejuvenating, leaving you feeling like you have had a restorative nap.

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