Swedish Massage at Mindful Touch.

Swedish massage is nurturing, calming and healing. Lotion is applied to your skin, and tension is kneaded away from your muscle tissue with varying amounts of pressure. Some areas require only the lightest touch, while other areas will ask for deeper work.

Many people think of this style of massage as a way to pamper themselves because it feels so relaxing. Sometimes there’s nothing better than treating yourself to a rejuvenating massage after a tough week. But there are many therapeutic benefits, too.

While digging in to those knots and tight spots that cause pain and discomfort, Swedish massage techniques increase mobility, improve circulation and naturally release toxins. At the same time, they activate the parasympathetic nervous system which can enhance sleep, improve digestion and lower high blood pressure. Studies have shown that massage can also strengthen your immune system, moderate anxiety and depression, and reduce the frequency and severity of migraine symptoms.

Perhaps the most important benefit of massage is that you receive nurturing touch. By the end of the massage your body may feel alive, open and sometimes even a tiny bit taller. 

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Swedish Massage
30 minutes: $40.00
1 hour: $70.00
1.5 hours: $90.00